How many freelance clients should you have at one time?

Freelance life is infamous for the feast or famine that many creatives experience when first starting out. That’s why many of us often worry about how many projects we have open at and how many leads are in the pipeline. In this podcast episode, I talk about how many freelance clients you should have and how to balance them if you freelance full-time.

Why you should become a storyteller

In this episode, I talk about the motivation behind my project. I believe that every author, songwriter, cinematographer, etc. is a storyteller and should consider themselves content creators first.

Thank you Design Inc!

In this episode, I touch a bit on the news that came out of Design Inc. yesterday. I had the opportunity to watch them build the platform from a distance and even spoke with the team at various stages. I know how hard they worked and it shows. They were able to produce high-quality work for a good amount of time. It’s not often you see great people pull together to build a team as strong as this one.

Thinking about and how to tell the story

In this episode, I talk a little more about and how to best start to show and tell its story. I’ve been making progress on the designs and have even screen captured some of it. Now I simply need to edit it and make some vlogs out of the clips.