Lessons learned in my first year creating content

As a designer, it’s easy to want to make things perfect before putting them out. And there is something to be said for striving to put out your best possible work. After all, all of our favorite products are well polished and full of delightful details.

All of that is great unless it prevents you from actually starting and reaching your goals.

Last year, I set off on this adventure to live stream daily, and I used that content to produce a vlog and this podcast. I kept it up for about 24 episodes combined before life got in the way, and I found reasons to stop.

Looking back, I realized that I learned three valuable lessons.

#1 Start right now

Striving to put out your best possible work is excellent. But that shouldn’t hold you back from starting.

I took this message to heart and just went for it. Every morning I got up, made some coffee, and hit the “Go Live!” button on YouTube and Facebook.

What I realized later is that I learned more during the period I was live-streaming than I had reading blog posts or watching YouTube videos. There was no amount of strategizing that could have given me an actual understanding of what it would be like to go live and cover a topic while staring at a webcam and talking into a microphone.

Sure, all of my fears came true.

I forgot to turn on my mic once. I published work with misspellings in the title. I forgot to make a thumbnail and write a description. But in the end, it was ok. Nobody noticed and I still gained valuable insights about creating great content.

#2 Consistency is key

After a while life got in the way and I allowed myself to stop. I justified it by saying I had learned enough lessons that I needed to take them back and improve the quality of my work and strategy behind how I was producing content.

That might have been ok if I eventually began creating content again. Instead, days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.

The more time that passed, the harder it became to do anything. Being consistent helps build a habit and makes the entire process easier to manage.

#3 Set goals

Set some goals, whether its to reach 1,000 followers or 10,000 subscribers.

Once I gained some momentum, I found myself getting overwhelmed whenever I would think about what might come next because I wasn’t sure what I was aiming for. As a result, all I saw was a never-ending amount of work without a way to gauge if it was worth doing.

Setting goals makes producing content easier because you have a way to measure success as it pertains to you and what you hope to accomplish. With a goal, there’s a definite connection between the work you’re sitting down to do and what you’re aiming for. Every piece of content is then helping you take one step closer towards reaching that goal.

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