Always Sunday Design Podcast Trailer: Talking about good design

It’s been a long time coming, but season 2 of my design podcast is finally here. You might remember my original show, #dailystandup, which started as a daily live stream covering my day-to-day work as a freelancer. This time around I’m changing the show format to include guests and their perspective along with a new name and brand- Always Sunday.

A podcast where I sit down with other creatives to talk about design, productivity, and interesting stories along their journey. My name is David Silva, and I help startups design mobile applications.

Talking about good design

When talking about good design, we tend to gravitate towards the aesthetics of a product. But that’s not necessarily what makes a product great.

Good design is not just about what something looks like, but also about how it functions. It’s the result of research, user experience, and visual design coming together to solve a problem within a given set of constraints.

I like to think of design as a second language.

Because the choices we make can help determine the message we deliver and how well we communicate it to a user. Ultimately, designs most important job is to guide a user along a journey towards completing their goal.

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