It’s time I take my own medicine and refocus on content creation

If you’re reading this, chances are you have some place of your own where you write about your creative process or other development and entrepreneurial adventures. You’re most likely a great writer. You’re diligent in your process and after years of writing have developed an audience and schedule for publishing your words of genius.

Well, I’m not you.

In fact, that’s not many of you at all. Most of us wish we could say it was true. But how often do we do something about it?
There are millions of creative people with a message online and even more start daily. Anyone can start a vlog or other in 5 minutes (even I did it), but only a few start with a message that matters.

So far I’ve been one of the millions with a message that doesn’t matter. I can’t even tell you that I tried and failed. That would be ok because I could then follow up with something interesting that I learned from the experience. Instead, I have to tell you that I didn’t try. It’s been sloppy and inconsistent at best.

That’s not ok. That’s not who I am today nor is it who I want to be tomorrow.

It’s time for a change

The reasons for creating content are endless, and I even encourage clients to do it. It’s time I take my advice for a change. I’m restarting my online content, and these are my reasons why.

1. To tell a story

The best way to connect with someone is a story. When you write or produce a video, you enable opportunities through your words and expressions. And the more you do it, the better your stories become, and the stronger your connections grow.

2. Become an expert

Writing is the best way to show knowledge of a subject. It’s also the only way to communicate with others without having to be present- much like you, and I are doing right now. The truth is that we all build an image of each other based on each encounter whether we are present or not. Your writing and your audiences encounter with it will have just as much weight as personal interactions do over time.

3. Identify an audience

When you write, you will inevitably build an audience, and it’s not always who you think it is. It’s easy to assume who our audience will include the people that we follow or interact with daily, but they may not always fit our audience in return. Our perspective of this is based on the people immediately around us and writing will help provide a wider perspective than we are used to.

4. Develop products

A part of my goal is to use writing as a way to teach, but also to help think through services and products I develop. Often we learn more as we teach.

5. Improved storytelling

Everything in life requires communication. Especially design. Improving communication will not only help create better designs, but it will also help you present and sell your ideas to clients and other stakeholders.

What does it mean to do something that matters?

Like success, deciding what it means is entirely up to you. You should look at your goals and decide what your reasons for doing something are. For me, it means creating content that will be meaningful to you and has the power to make an impact on my businesses.