Fear: The reason why you don’t…

  • launch your product.
  • promote your skills and services.
  • create something you love.
  • build that idea.
  • speak up about an issue.
  • act with conviction.
  • write and publish your next post.
  • shoot and publish your next video.

Fear? Fear of what? Fear of being called out by your peers and told that you aren’t good enough.

The ironic part is that nobody is paying attention or seeking us out to do that. We’re all so wrapped up in our lives and issues that the worst thing that can happen to you is “nothing”. Not getting a reaction.

If not getting a response was the worst thing that happened to you, then it wasn’t that bad after all, and you didn’t have anything to fear, to begin with.

In that case, I’d say that you either unveiled your project in front of the wrong audience or you just received a 2nd chance to go back, make it better, and relaunch the whole thing again without anyone ever knowing.

I won’t let fear stop me and you shouldn’t either.